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Date Night
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Date Night (2010)

Starcast : Steve Carell as Phil Foster, Tina Fey as Claire Foster, Jonathan Morgan Heit as Oliver Foster, Mark Wahlberg as Holbrooke Grant, Taraji P. Henson as Detective Arroyo, Common as Collins, Leighton Meester as Katy, Kristen Wiig as Haley Sullivan, Mark Ruffalo as Brad Sullivan
Genre : Comedy / Crime / Romance
Director : Shawn Levy
Producer : Shawn Levy
Writer : Josh Klausner
The Plot : Date Night is a film directed and produced by Shawn Levy and written by Josh Klausner. It Stars Steve Carell as Phil Foster and Tina Fey as Claire Foster.

Phil and Claire Foster are a couple who have been married for several years with two children and leaving in suburban New Jersey. Phil is a tax lawyer while Claire is a realtor. They finds that their best friends are planning to divorce to escape the married routine life and to have more excitement in their lives. To avoid their routine life they plan their weekly "date night" to spice up their life, Phil decides that he will take Claire to a trendy Manhattan restaurant, but they cannot get a table. Phil takes a reservation from a no-show couple, the Tripplehorns, despite Claire's misgivings. While eating they are approached by two men who question them about a flash drive they believe Phil and Claire stole from mobster boss Joe Miletto. Phil and Claire explain that they are not the Tripplehorns, but the men threaten them at gunpoint. Not seeing any other way out, Phil tells them it is in a boathouse in Central Park.

Some how at boathouse they escapes on a boat. They went to police station, talk with Detective Arroyo, But discover Collins and Armstrong are also detectives, and realizing they cannot trust the police, they decide to find the real Tripplehorns. They returns and findsTripplehorns phone number. The real Tripplehorns, however, it turns out, are a thieving couple who are being hunted down by a pair of corrupt cops for having stolen property from some very dangerous people. Forced on the run before they've even finished their risotto, Phil and Claire soon realize that their play-date-for-parents has gone away, as they embark on a wild and dangerous series of crazy adventures to save their lives - and their marriage.
Music : Christophe Beck
Location : 608 Vallombrosa Dr, Pasadena, California, USA
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